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metroDecember 17, 2007 ‘ If you’re fearful of packing those cookie-induced pounds, take a page from fitness   guru Julio Salado…’

Fitness Foundry personal training is based on exercise science and holistic arts. My philosophy is rooted in diligence, consistency, openmindness and passion. My A.I.M. is to Assess, Initiate and Motivate you to meet your fitness goal. The ultimate goal will be self-efficacy.

My experience is over ten years of strength & conditioning training with disciplines in bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic lifts, post-rehab training, Russian kettle bells, sports performance, tai chi chuan,yoga, nutrition and meditation.

I am the author of ‘Maximum Boost Workout© Series eBook and currently working on a new eBook called “S.M.A.R.T. Training Essentials’! My health & fitness essays and videos have been published in print and online such as “Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s Senior Count TV Show”,”,  ‘Health and Family Magazine’ , “Fitness Professional Online”, “Boston Globe , “Boston Magazine and “Top Personal Trainers Answer Your Questions” published by Regency Publishing.

Fitness Foundry is unique because of its seamless integration of exercise science and Yin and Yang universal principles – specifically for developing Movement, Performance, Skill and Self-Efficacy.

Fitness Foundry Services:

No one is exempt from the benefits of living their dreams. Witness the results and experience the benefits of investing in yourself. Fitness Foundry designed for healthy living.

Be well and stay ACTIVE!!
Julio A. Salado, NSCA C.P.T
TRX & Kettlebell Instructor.
Fitness Foundry designed for healthy living©.
Assess, Initiate, Motivate

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What Clients Are Saying

'Julio Salado is a talented trainer who helped me, even when I thought I could not be helped. I have always worked out in a variety of classes and activities. Julio’s training really focused me on exercises to work out smarter, that is, to focus on my own strengths and weaknesses. His easy-going manner and extensive knowledge have helped me attain surprising results: weight loss (without really trying), overall strengthening and an improvement in motor function, despite some serious medical issues. What more could you ask from a trainer? '
Jean C. PhD., RN.- age 45
'I swear you are more aware of the condition of my inner body than any surgeon or physical therapist that I have come across. Thanks also for explaining that some of my muscles are short due to past injuries and consequent surgeries. Your explanation provided a clearer vision for me and how the exercises you've recommended will greatly benefit the balancing out of the inner body.'
Koletta K.- age 50
'Julio has made a new man of me, which is very difficult since I am in my 80's but he has done it. I looked in my mirror yesterday and I said, 'Wow, whose shoulders are those'. And they are mine! The best trainer and motivator in the world--and that's a large place.'
Waldo F. M.D.- age 87
'I had worked with several trainers before Julio, but Julio is definitely is the most attentive and professional of them all... he was definitely the best investment I've made for my health.'
Blas B.- age 24
'Training with Julio Salado is great! Julio himself is a power of example for transforming your life through fitness, proper nutrition and perseverance.'
Liz D.- age 58
Training with Julio Salado has had nothing but positive effects for me. In my sport/profession you need to have strength, endurance, and be able to prevent injury. Using the unique exercises Julio has created, I have been able to reach a level of competition I never imagined was possible. I recommend Julio/Fitness Foundry to anyone who is serious about their health and looking to take their life to the next level...
Matt G..- age 23
Julio is a brilliant personal trainer. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is friendly and fun, but also professional and focused...
Kirsten C.- age 33

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